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How to Use Non-verbal Communication in an Interview?

According to a famous saying, “The first impression is the last impression.” This might not seem to be true to most of you for your personal life. However, the professional life of an individual greatly depends on this aspect. 

So if you are looking for a job and have an upcoming interview, remember that the job will definitely depend on the responses given by you. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is not the only aspect which decides whether or not you get the job. A combination of things is taken note of before actually assigning the job to you. 

Things to keep in mind while appearing for an interview 

  • Appearance matters- No you are not supposed to be in a Posh or branded attire. Just take care that you make yourself look presentable. Dress yourself up in clean formal attire. Ensure that the clothes are properly ironed and the shoes are polished well. 
  • Greeting- Greet the interviewer with a handshake. Your handshake must not be a sweaty or a cold one. Therefore ensure that your hands are clean and fairly shake hands. You can even greet with an Indian Salaam or Namaste. 
  • Body language- This is one of the most important aspects that must be kept into consideration during a job interview. Body language is entitled to different actions and reactions. Although body language is literally the physical behaviour of an individual, it greatly depicts the psychological state of an individual at that point of time. This is called non-verbal communication. It is important to understand it in detail. 

What is non-verbal communication? 

Non-verbal literally means without words. Non-verbal communication refers to the communication which is done without words. In other words, the way you sit, the gestures you make, your expressions, movement each and every aspect depicts and communicates the person in front of you about your psychological state. So, if you are nervous, your body language will convey it all. 

However, you can control these gestures and instead use them as your strength by making positive gestures as and when required. 

How to make non-verbal communication your strength while appearing for interviews? 

Being nervous about the interview is normal. However, letting it impact the interview is not a wise thing to do. Following are some tips for a lasting impression on the interviewer:

  • Eye contact- Maintaining eye contact makes the other person feel that you are actually listening and are interested in the talk. Also, looking somewhere else gives an impression of disinterest. Therefore, always maintain eye contact with the interviewer. 
  • Gestures- Do make some hand gestures when required. This shows that you are truly into the talk. Avoid overdoing the gestures. In other words, do not make unnecessary gestures. If you are not sure about what to do with your hands, you can place a notepad on the table, hold a pen in one hand and rest the other hand on the table. Additionally, sit firmly and do not keep moving. Avoid moving your feet. These gestures portray your nervousness.
  • Posture- Sit straight. Do not lean backwards. The ideal posture is to sit with your lower back leaned on the lower back of the chair while slightly leaning the upper back forward so that you seem to be interested in the talk. 
  • Talking- Be a patient listener and do not jump to talk or interrupt the interviewer. Neither stay totally quiet nor talk too much. Calmly answer to the questions being asked. 

Using the above non-verbal communication techniques, you can add higher chances of being selected. Remember, getting a job does not only depend on your good answers to the interviewer’s questions but also on what your gestures convey to the interviewer. Therefore, make sure your gestures leave a positive impact too.

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